XC2 Integrated Software Suite
Water Quality, Distribution and Collection

Software Products Available

  • Backflow Prevention Program Management

  • Hydrant Flow Testing/Flushing/Maintenance

  • Valve Exercising and Maintenance

  • Meter Testing and Maintenance Management

  • Reclaimed Water Program Management

  • FOG/Grease Trap Program Management

  • Fire System Inspection/Scheduling Software

  • Link to your Billing/CIS System Management

  • Digital Image/Document Storage and Display

  • Remote Data Entry/Synchronization - LAN/Wireless/Internet Management

  •  Web Based, Wireless, Handheld Options

  •  Link to GIS - XC2 as ODBC Data Source

  • H2OBenchMark™ Work Order Software

  • Work Orders/Inventory Control

  • Customer Complaints/Service Orders

  • Personnel Time Sheets

  • XC2 Software Modules have been engineered to handle the specific data and processes in each of these important areas. Any of the following modules if integrated, will share the Facilities data. Users of the modules can be allowed to see all modules, or only specified modules at the discretion of the Administrator.

    All XC2 Software Modules provide a rich administrator level configuration environment to better fit the way you run your programs and do business.

    Administrator Configurable Lookup Tables:
    (Partial List of Lookup Tables)
    • Manufacturer Lists
    • Equipment/Device Models Lists
    • Device Type Lists
    • Street Name/Zip Code Lookup
    • Boilerplate Text Entry
    • Event/Activity types
    • Approved BFP Assembly Models List
    • All Lookup Lists are Modifiable

    • User Defined Table/Field Names
    • Configuration Preferences by System Administrator
    • Data Entry Preferences/Defaults/Requirements/Options
    • Unlimited Notice Types
    • Password Protected Access Levels-User Configuration

    • Access to Modules

      Access to Tables/Functions
    • Export Editor - Save Export Scripts
    • User Defineable Report Editor
    • Numerous User Level Interface Preferences

    • Also:
    • Link to your Billing System (Optional)
    • Remote Data Entry & Synchronization (Optional)
    • Link from your GIS Systems (via ODBC, JDBC, SQL connectivity)
    • Customizations Available (Optional)

    Backflow Prevention
    Manage your Cross-Connection Control Program

    • Provides a comprehensive record keeping and a complete
       cross connection control management program
       all in one easily used integrated system
    • Schedules, tracks and maintains the entire
       backflow prevention assembly testing program
    • Sending of notices, test result history and reports, test report forms
    • Surveys, Inspections
    • Certified tester information, test gauge accuracy
    • Captures your entire facility/customer information
       and backflow assembly information database
    • Integrates and structures it so that it is immediately accessible
       and cued for testing, customer responses and action letters and reporting.
    • Report any aspect or status of your program
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    Hydrant Testing/Flushing
    Hydrant Flow Testing/Flushing and Maintenance

    • Schedule all aspects of maintenance and testing
    • Track the complete history of each hydrant
    • Record flow rates at various pressures
    • Display and print Flow Test graph
    • Print Flow Test and Maintenance forms
    • Maintain records of repairs done and replacements made
    • Spot trends in your distribution system
    • Assure community safety with serviceable hydrants
    • Report any aspect or status of your program
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    Valve Exercising
    Valves Maintenance and Exercising

    • Schedules your Valve Exercising Program to keep you on track
    • Issues work orders giving the details for each valve
    • Records and all aspects of your work done
    • Reports the status of your Valve Exercising Program
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    Meter Testing
    Meter Maintenance and Accuracy Testing

    • Schedule maintenance and testing
    • Track the complete history and costs from purchase to replacement
    • Record accuracy tests at different flow rates & pressures
    • Maintain records of repairs done and replacements made
    • Report any aspect or status of your program
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    Reclaimed Water
    Recycled/Reclaimed Water Permitting & Inspection Management

    • Schedules and Tracks Inspections, Reclaimed/Recycled locations
    • Residential Projects
    • Large Reclaimed Projects - Office Parks, etc.
    • Works in coordination with XC2 Backflow Prevention Module
    • Notification to Customers
    • Annual/Quadrennial Inspections
    • Project Check List
    • Plan Check List
    • Works with XC2-Picts to Store Digital Images

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    FOG/Grease Trap Management
    Grease Trap/FOG Maintenance and Inspection Management

    • Schedules inspections
    • Records the details of your Grease Trap Inspection Program
    • Pumping data, transporter, quantities, sizes, visual observations
    • Report various aspects of your program

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    XC2 Fire System Inspection/Scheduling
    • Schedules and Tracks Inspections
    • Monthly/Annual Inspections
    • Works with XC2-Picts to Store Digital Images
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    Lift Station Maintenance Management

    Lift/Pump Station Preventative Maintenance Manager

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    XC2 Update from Billing System
    Updates/Imports customer data from your billing system.

    Allows Creation of Facility Records from Import file if no match exists in XC2

    XC2 will be configured to interface with your CIS/Billing system. Interface will be accomplished via "transfer files" (Ascii Text). There will not be a "direct connection" to the CIS/Billing System.

    Available in "User Initiated" and "Automatically Scheduled on Server Versions"

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    XC2 Picts Digital Image/Document Storage
    • Plug-in to XC2 for image compression.
    • Store multiple digital images for each location record, facility, test report, work order, etc.
    • Also allows scanned image documents. Can hold ANY type of document as well (PDF, EXCEL, MSWORD, AutoCad, etc).
    • Ability to launch external application to view document.
    • Requires QuickTime (Free Download from Web)
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    Remote Data Entry/Synchronization
    • Lookup and Enter information on your laptop, home PC or tablet PC
    • Synchronize data with the main system
    • Wireless, Internet, LAN, WAN

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