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XC2 GIS Compatibility

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GIS Compatibility with XC2

XC2 is ODBC Compliant so you may access data from XC2 for your GIS System.
(This is only available in the XC2 Server version - Not the stand-alone version)

There is also a special table that allows you direct access to a single table for your GIS informaton

GIS Export allows you to pre-set which fields from which tables are going to be available to your GIS System. When you connect to XC2 Server via ODBC, you will then only have to perform a QUERY (SQL SELECT) within this single table, thus making the process of connection and acquisition of meaningful data much easier.

The [GIS _Export] table will be populated with the selected fields from all of the “Equipment” records, e.g. “BFP_Assembly” for backflow. If you are using multiple XC2 modules, you will need to set up your query to filter for the specific module being used.

There are potentially hundreds of fields to choose from. You can make this task more simple by selecting which table that you want to select fields from and only seeing those fields.

As Equipment records and their related records are modified in XC2, the GIS Export table will be automatically updated, so the data in the GIS Export is “Live” at any given moment.
You may not write data into XC2 Tables, as there is a great deal of functionality behind many of the fields and their values, and it is necessary for XC2 to control all data input. However, being able to access a single table for you GIS other ODBC connectivity needs makes this job much easier.

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