XC2 Integrated Software Suite
FOG Management Software
Fats, Oil and Grease Abatement
Grease/Waste Hauling Management
Grease Collection Management


FSE Tracking & Inventory

Enter / Store / Edit Current & New FSE Generator Information
Record Facility Address, Contacts, Phone Numbers
Record Interceptor Location, GPS Points, Type and Size
Permit Information, Site Information, Inspection Frequency
Track Phone Calls & Written Notifications
Facility View Allows Multiple Interceptors at Same Site


FOG Inspections

Schedule Inspections & Follow-up Requirements
Determine Inspection Frequency Needed
Record Inspection Dates, Activities, Comments, Results
25% Rule is Automatically Calculated - Ability to Change %
Print Report Forms for Use on Inspections
Configure / customize inspection reports


Pump-Out Compliance

Easily Set Up & Schedule Cleaning Requirements
Quickly View Pump Out Information for Any FSE
Pass/Fail Status is automatically calculated
Next Pump-Out Due dates are automatically calculated
Maintain Unlimited History of Pump-Out Manifests
Quickly and Easily Lookup Past History by Any Category
Print Letters for NOVs & Other Notices


Track Manifests and Pump-Outs

Record Hauler Company, Date & Amount Pumped
Disposal Site & Date, Name of Representative
Use Our Reports Included or Customized Your Own
Schedule Pump-Out Frequency for Each FSE
Optional Feature Allows Scanning of Manifests


Track and Manage Waste Haulers and Vehicles

Easily Access, Edit, Manage & Maintain List of Waste Haulers
Track Company Name, Address, Permit Number, Vehicles & Drivers
Track Vehicle Type, Make, Model, License Number
Easily Add New Haulers, New Vehicles, New Personnel


Violations & Enforcements

Track Inspections, Violations & Enforcements
Flag Late, Missing or Failed Maintenance Requirements & Inspections
Generate Violation / Warning Letters Using Templates or Create Your Own
Schedule Follow-up Reminders
Create Compliance Reports with History


Automatic Reminders

Be Reminded of Items Needing Attention, Scheduled Items
e.g. FSE Inspections, FSE Permits & Renewals, Hauler Permits
Compliance Letters, NOV Letters, Follow-up Notices / Letters


Easy Compliance Reporting

Summary of Inspection Reports
User-Definable Reports Allow Creating Whatever Reports are Needed


Unlimited Letters, Notices, Permits

Use XC2 Letters/Notices, Import Your Letters or Easily Create Your Own
Easily Create Notices of Violation
Easily Create Reminder Notices
Easily Create Permits


Compatible with GIS & Utility Billing

Keep your Mailing Addresses Up-to-Date From Your Billing System (Optional)
Schedule Updates as often as you like
Easily Export any Information for your GIS System, or Use as a Data Source


New Module: Grease Collection!

Schedule Pickup Times - Best Time/Best Day
Track Pickups - Vehicle - Quantity - Date - Time
Quickly Lookup Schedule
Customer Notices - Complete Pickup History


And Much More!

Great, Friendly, Prompt Technical Support
Flexible, Configurable, Scalable
User-Definable Reporting
The Most User-Friendly FOG Software
Designed for Very Small to Very Large Systems
Working Demo - Not a “Slide-Show”
Optional On-Site Training at Your Location


Other Optional Features

E-Notices - Send Notices via Email
DataSync - Remote Entry on Tablet PCs
Other Water Modules Available

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