XC2 DataSynch
Remote Data Entry and Synchronization

Enter Data Today - Synchronize Tomorrow!

There are a variety of configurations possible for accessing XC2 Software

Normal configuration: Live - Real Time Connections
(Reliable Highspeed Network Required)

  • Desktops on your LAN or Highspeed WAN

  • Remote Desktops or Notebooks - Use Windows Terminal Server
  • Remote Wireless Notebooks or Laptops - Use Windows Terminal Server

When in areas where Network or Wireless is not available:

XC2 DataSynch is a solution!

Whatever you can do with the desktop version of XC2, you can do with XC2 DataSynch!
(Special Setup and certain Admin Functions not available for remote systems)
    Lookup and Enter information on your laptop or home PC

  • Modify Customer or Site Info
  • FOG/Grease Interceptor Inspections
  • Backflow Test Results
  • Meter Test Results
  • Hydrant Test Results
  • Valve Exercising Information
  • Fire System Inspections
  • Backflow Surveys and Inspections
  • Schedule Survey Result notices to be printed
  • Enter Work Orders, Installations, Replacements, etc.

  • Synchronize data with the main system when the network is available
  • Synchronize multiple remote systems
  • New or Modified Data on the "Master" System will be transferred to remotes upon "Synching"
  • Synch over Wireless, Internet, LAN, WAN
  • Can be used with XC2 Server or XC2 Standalone

XC2 DataSynch Schematic

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