H2OBenchMark™ Work Order Management
Work Order and Inventory Control for Water Utilities

H20 BenchMark™ Work Order Administration Software is designed for Operators and administers. Features include...

Easy Entry

Enter work orders for all aspects of maintenance and installations

• Enter general description only or detail line item entry
• Entry Only feature allows entry by customer service personal for priority    items
• Set User Defaults for fast entry of similar work orders
• Operations personnel can view newly initiated items with a single click
• Work Order Status & Priority are color coded for easy identification
• Track elapsed time and total hours
• Track Leakage Flow, duration and total leak volume
• Track Meter Replacements, existing and new readings
• Track Main Leaks by type, repair, Volume, cause, pipe size
• Track Pipe Installation: pipe size and footage
• Standard Lists allow fast line item data entry
• Quickly and easily lookup work ordersby ANY criteria
• Digital Images and Site Mapscan be stored & recovered using H2OPicts™
• Export data to other formats e.g. spreadsheet, other databases
• Import work order data from XC2 Work Orders
• Data is accessible to other programsvia ODBC (Client/Server Vers.)
• Import work order data from XC2 Work Orders
• Allow remote import from non-networked computers e.g. laptops

H20 BenchMark Reporting

Extensive and customizable reporting
• Report by date range,summary or detail line item
• Select categories to report: including investigation type, source, status &    selection
• Track total work orders, total hours, average response times, average    elapsed hours, & average crew hours

Inventory Control Component

Manage inventory of all materials used in operations, maintenance and engineering.

• Unit Cost • Quantity on Hand
• Current Inventory Value • Reorder Level
• Year to Date Cost • Stock to Level
• Year to Date Qty Used • Reorder Qty Minimum
• Last Order Date Reorder • Qty Pack
• Last Addition Date • Monthly Qty Used
• Last Used Date • Monthly Cost
• Internal Item Code • Description
• Vendor Part Numbers • Size
• Location: Building : Aisle : Bin #

• User Configurable Inventory Screens allow for fast and accurate entry
• Color Coded Columns
• Movable Columns
• Make any Column enterable for “on-the-fly” updates
• Add new materials items “on-the-fly”
• Easily Make Additions to Inventory
• Easily Perform Reconciliations (Physical Count vs. System Qty)
• Easily Perform Cost Updates
• Easily Create Orders Based Upon: Qty on Hand,Stock Level,Reorder Pts
• Print Pre-Order Worksheets for review
• Quickly View Qty Usage of any item or items based upon date range
• Compare Monthly and Yearly Usage Quantities of any item(s)
• Lookup/View/Analyze Inventory Transactions by numerous criteria
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