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Extended XC2 Features - Part 1
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XC2 Main Features
  What are 'Extended Features'? I just want it to be simple!
  You can actually stop looking at the features of XC2 on the previous page.

You don't even really need to be aware of the following features in XC2.
As we have said earlier, XC2 can be used right out of the box.

You really don't need to change a thing, except putting in your organization information. But, hey! We even do that for you to before we ship it to you!

But if you really want to learn a little more, and become more efficient and effective in your backflow program, these features can make the difference!

  Data Conversion From Existing Systems

I have my information in another system.
Do I have to hand enter it all over again, or can XC2 Software import my information?


No, you don't need to hand enter all of your existing backflow information.
Yes! We can import and convert your existing backflow information from any other system! We can get it all:

Backflow Assembly Information, Customer Information, Test History, Notice History, Survey History, Testers, Test Kits, and Convert your Existing Notices.

Whether it is:

Tokay, BPMS, BMI, MS Access, MS Excel, or any other system! We have years of experience in converting 100's of systems to XC2!
  User Management - Password Protection - Multiple Access Levels
Passwords, Access Levels, Special Access
All access to areas in XC2 is password protected
Assign users different levels of access
Assign users access to specific areas, or allow to access specific tasks
Access can be assigned as: “View(Guest/Read Only)” or “Edit”
  Approved Assembly Models List
Update the Approved Backflow Assembly List with the click of a button
Choose to update the entire list or selected models only
Updated lists are available as part of your maintenance agreement.
  Saved Searches - Quickly Find Groups of Records
Save a Search Using Multiple Criteria – Save That Search for Later Use.
Set and save search criteria - all search criteria is available. Quick & easy recall later
Great for weekly & monthly reports, historical data, route sheets, personnel lists
Great for any search that is performed repeatedly
  Exports - Share Your Information With Others
Easily Export Information from Any Table
Save Export Scripts and Use Them Later
Saved Scripts are available to All Users
Export to TEXT, EXCEL, MSWord, DIF, SYLK or DBF
Include headers, determine delimiters, default file name and path
Exports are available to all other Systems: GIS, Utility Billing, Databases, Spreadsheets
  Easily & Quickly Create Reports
Easily Create Reports by Any Criteria
Report formats can be saved, reused and/or shared
Print to printer, PDF, or as TEXT document
Cross-Tab Reports for summary information
  Print “Screen” - Current List View
Quickly print the list of what you see on the screen
Just select “Print Current List” and what you see on the screen will be printed.
It's as easy as 2 Button Clicks
  Organize Facilities/Backflow Records
Categorize by Facility Type, Service Type, etc.
Multiple Backflow Records per Facility
Categorize by any criteria
Search by any criteria
Display Equipment from Other XC2 Modules for a Single Facility
  Customize Your Letters and Notices
You can use XC2 Standard Notices, or you can create unlimited notices or your own design
There are over 100 'Merge' Fields that you can insert into a notice
The XC2 Letter/Notice Editor is built into XC2
It's a full featured 'Word Processor' embedded into XC2
Style your letters however you want:
       Fonts (Type face), Font Size, Font Style, Font Color
       Insert: Logos, Letterheads, Signatures, Assembly Lists, etc.
       Adjust Margins and Paragraphs as you see fit
  What the heck are 'Merge Fields'?
       Merge Fields are special 'references' that you can put into a notice instead of writing actual text for each notice that you send
       Examples: Mailing Address, Letter Sent Date, Contact Name, List of Backflow Assembly information and many more
       When the notice prints, it will print the information for the specific customer
       You only need one 'Template' per type of notice, e.g "Test Due Notice #1"
       You only need to edit the notice if you need to make substantial changes
  And the best part: We'll help you do it!
  We want your notification process to be smooth as can be
  Overdue Notice Responses - Who Needs a Followup Notice?
Quickly View Overdue Notices and Take Action
XC2 Tracks Which Notice was sent, the Response Due Date, and the Next Action
Send Follow-up/Shutoff Notices
Send Manually or Have XC2 Send Automatically.
Ability to give 'Extensions' based upon Response Due Date
  Overdue Tests - Quickly Locate Tests Not Done
Quickly Find all Overdue Tests
Click a button to view all overdue tests
Print Notices, Reports, Inspection Sheets
  Failed Assemblies - Find with a Mouse Click
Find and View the Failed Backflow Assemblies with the click of a button.
Find all Failed Assemblies or only those net yet responded to
Send a “Failed Assembly” notice with a button click.
  Display Maps - Use Internet Maps to Show Locations
Link to Google Maps, MapQuest or Bing Maps
Click a button in facility or assembly record to link to a map through the web
  Capture and Display Photos (XC2 Picts)
Attach unlimited documents to be stored for all records: Backflow, Surveys, Tests, Testers
Store digital photos, site maps, PDFs, CAD documents or Any other Type of Document
Choose to Store a Single Photo or Multiple Photos
Store and recall multiple photos for each record

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