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XC2 Backflow 'EZ' vs XC2 Backflow 'Pro'
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XC2 Main Features
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Which Version of XC2 is Right For My Organization?

      Start out with XC2 Basics: XC2 Backflow 'EZ'
     Ready to Use, Out of the Box!
     Just Beginning Your Backflow Program?
     Are you a 'computer novice'?
     Tables and Lists Pre-Populated with the Information you Need!
     Notices and Letters - Setup and Ready to Send!
     Option to use XC2 'Simple Notices' without having to use a 'Word Processor'
     All the Help you Need from our Very Friendly and Professional Staff!
      Move on to XC2 Backflow 'Pro' at your own pace
     Configure XC2 as needed to better fit your program
     For 'Power-Users' and Seasoned Backflow Managers
     Add or Remove Items from Lookup Lists
     Determine and configure numerous functions of XC2
     Administrator Preferences allow for extensive tailoring to your needs
     Notices and Letters - Add to or change your notices as needed
     Create as many notices as needed in XC2's powerful Letters Setup
     Need assistance? No problem, give us a call!
     We are happy to be of service!
Backflow Features Page 1    Main Features    -    Extended Features    Backflow Features Page 3

What is the difference between 'XC2 Backflow Pro' AND 'XC2 Backflow EZ'?


The difference between 'XC2 Backflow Pro' AND 'XC2 Backflow EZ' are what you see on each screen, and which menus and buttons are available to you.

'XC2 Backflow Pro' has a much more simple 'view'.

Many of the screens have less information than the 'Pro' version.


Do I have to buy a new version if I want to upgrade to 'XC2 Backflow Pro'


If you purchase XC2 Backflow Pro:

Both 'XC2 Backflow Pro' AND 'XC2 Backflow EZ' are contained in XC2 Software. Moving back and forth between the two versions is as simple as a button click on the main page.

You can even have some of your users using 'XC2 Backflow EZ' and some using 'XC2 Backflow Pro'.

If you purchase XC2 Backflow EZ:

You can upgrade to Backflow Pro when you are ready.

Please call for upgrade pricing.
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