XC2 Integrated Software Suite
Backflow Prevention Management Software
Main XC2 Features
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Backflow Assembly Inventory

Quickly Locate/Enter & View Backflow Assembly Records
Record Assembly Information: Type, Size, Mfr, Model, SN
Record Location, GPS Points, Hazard Type and Level
Facility View Allows Multiple Assemblies at Same Site
Multiple Addresses Available for Each Facility


Automatic Reminders

Be Reminded of Items Needing Attention, Scheduled Items
e.g. Tests Due Notices, Inspections Due, Follow-up Notices
Tester Certifications, Failed Assemblies, Installations Due


Easy Compliance Reporting

One-Click Reporting for State CCC Reports
Print Summary or Detail of All Activity in a Date Range
Summary of Inspection Reports
User-Definable Reports Allow Creating Whatever Reports Needed


Send Notices Automatically

One-Click to Send Annual Test Due Notices and Followup Notices
Automatically Include Pre-Printed Test Report Forms
Notification Scheduler Allows Setup of up to 6 Notices in Sequence
XC2 Notices 'Merge' Function automatically inputs information from the XC2 System directly onto the notices
Include Specification Documents at Time of Printing Notices
Optional E-Notice Feature Allows Sending Notices via Email
View Optional E-Notices Feature
Maintain Unlimited History of Notices Sent
XC2 'Simple Notices' is available without having to use a 'Word Processor'


Track Test Results History

Test Results Can be Entered in a Few Seconds Each
Enter Complete Test Results or Pass/Fail Only
Pass/Fail Status is automatically calculated
Next Test Due dates are automatically calculated
Maintain Unlimited History of Test Results
Quickly and Easily Lookup Past Test History by Any Category
Optional Feature Allows Importing Results from Testing Contractors
Optional Feature Allows Entering Results via Web Browser


Unlimited Letters & Notices

Easily Manage Letters and Notices
Select From Default Letters or Create Your Own
Print Letters & Test Report Forms at the Same Time
Embedded Full-Featured Letter Writer Allows Complete Flexibility
Import Your Letters from MS Word or Other Program


Cross-Connection Surveys & Inspections

Record & Track Surveys and Inspections Easily
Use XC2 'Simple' or Detailed Survey Entry
Pre-Print Inspection Sheets with Facility and Backflow Information
Schedule & Record Inspection Dates
Send Non-Compliance Notices and Follow-up Notices
XC2 Automatically Merges Deficiencies and Requirements onto Notices


Manage Backflow Testers

Easily Access, Edit & Maintain List of Backflow Testers
Track Tester Address & Certification Information - Expiration Dates
Track Test Kit Information - Calibration Dates
Send Certification Due Notices to Testers
Send Calibration Due Notices for Test Kits
Quickly View Test History for Any Tester or Test Company


Automatic Lookups

Find Items Due/Overdue with a Single Click
Easily Create a List of Records Requiring Action
Print the Screen List of Records with a Click of the Mouse


Compatible with GIS & Utility Billing

Keep your Mailing Addresses Up-to-Date From Your Billing System (Optional)
Schedule Updates as often as you like
Easily Export any Information for your GIS System
or Use as a GIS Data Source


And Much More!

Great-Friendly Technical Support
Flexible, Configurable, Scalable
User-Definable Reporting
The Most User-Friendly Backflow Software Available
Works for Large and Small Systems Alike
Receive a real "Working Demo" - Not a “Slide-Show”
On-Site Training at Your Location is Available


Optional Features

E-Notices - Send Notices via Email
Email Test Reports as PDFs
DataSync - Remote Tablet PCs
Web-Based Test Entry
Other Water Modules Available:
Hydrant Testing, Meter Testing, Valve Maintenance
FOG (Fats, Oil & Grease) Program Managment
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Backflow Features Page 2    XC2 Backflow Home    -    XC2 'EZ' vs XC2 'Pro'    Backflow Features Page 4
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