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XC2 Software is dedicated to supporting our customers in the easy implementation of our software.

Our knowledegable and friendly technical support team is available Monday through Friday.

Support Hours:

7:00 AM - 4 PM Pacific Time

or via email through our contact page: Contact Us
XC2 Software's dedication to both product quality and customer service has made it a proven leader in software development for water/wastewater utilities.

True Water/Wastewater Industry Specific Software:
Maintaining and operating specific equipment and assets to deliver water to homes, commercial establishments, and industrial complexes is quite different from maintaining buildings, plants or other facilities

Developing an effective and flexible database, establishing critical notifications and shutoffs,

  • Service connections
  • Meters
  • Backflow Prevention Management
  • Hydrants
  • Valves
  • FOG - Grease interceptors
  • Scheduling and recording inspections
  • Monitoring periodic test results
Must all be captured and stored over the life of the equipment/device — over multiple decades or longer.

Let XC2® Software help you identify and inventory your:
  • Backflow prevention assemblies
  • Grease interceptor locations
  • Valves
  • Hydrants
  • Meters
  • Reclaimed water sites
And , to allow you to automatically send timely notices, track test and inspection results and to allow your other applications, like Customer Information/Billing Systems, and GIS to effectively communicate and share information with XC2 Software.

XC2® Software: Meeting Your Specific Challenges:
XC2® Water distribution/collection software was designed specifically to help you handle the unique challenges of maintaining a water distribution/wastewater network. These include:
  • Backflow prevention program management
  • FOG/Grease Interceptor programs
  • Valve and flushing exercise programs
  • Commercial meter testing and maintenance schedules
  • Reclaimed/recycled water programs
  • Hydrant flow testing
  • Water quality programs and more.
The XC2® Software suite gives you the ability to record and track:
  • Inspection results
  • Work histories
  • Customer information
  • Customer notifications and responses
The XC2® Software suite allows specific tracking of:
  • Test Results
  • Tester Certifications
  • Test Equipment Calibrations
  • Waste Hauler Permits
  • Hydrant Flow Test Graphs
  • Compliance reports
  • And above all: Ease of Use for All!

XC2® Software offers a full, inter-departmental Water Quality, Distribution and Collection software suite:

XC2® Software, LLC has been providing XC2® Backflow Prevention Software, as an off-the-shelf commercial software product to water purveyors nationwide since 1997. Our customers include hundreds large and small water purveyors, cities, counties, government agencies, institutions and industries across the United States and Canada.

Related Articles
  • Using Software to Manage your Backflow Prevention Program (DW&BP Magazine Feb. 1999

  • When does it make sense to start using software to manage your backflow prevention program?

    If you already have an active backflow prevention program and have an organized system on index cards, approximately 100 backflow prevention assemblies is probably manageable.
    This may, however, be time-consuming when it comes to sending follow-up notices and pulling together reports.

    There is a difference between "tracking" backflow prevention assemblies and "managing" your backflow prevention program.
    Tracking may be done either on index cards or a spreadsheet.
    However, to manage your backflow prevention program, you need a complete system -- a process of data tracking, retaining historical information, data manipulation, letters with word processing capability, test forms, and reporting functions.

  • Backflow Record Keeping - Software Options Pros and Cons

  • Why use software to manage your backflow prevention program?
    Intelligently selecting the right backflow software.
    What are the benefits? - What are the pitfalls?

    The whole purpose of having any kind of computer based backflow prevention program tracking system:

    To keep backflow incidents from happening by knowing that the proper backflow prevention assemblies are in place where they need to be and that the assemblies are functioning correctly.
    To better allocate resources in order to achieve item #1
    To quickly and effectively provide summary reports to management and authoritative agencies

  • Responsible Backflow Record Keeping - AWWA New Orleans June 2003

  • Keeping accurate records is an essential part of a successful backflow prevention program.

    Creating a software system to effectively manage the records can be a daunting process.
    It is essential to allow the software system users to get the information entered quickly and accurately.
    The interface and functions for such a backflow prevention software system must be well thought out.
    Successful backflow prevention management systems have several key elements that will take some significant up-front investment in time and perhaps finances, but will easily pay off over the years if done correctly.

XC2® Software has enjoyed successful rapid growth not only because of its software, but also because of its employees' continuous commitment to customer service, from development to sales to technical support. XC2® Software understands that all people appreciate user-friendly solutions that never compromise quality and reliability. The company aims to deliver to every end-user the ultimate "out-of-the-box" experience.

Maps: XC2® Software works with Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint® or MapQuest® to display maps and directions. See more about Linking to Maps

GIS XC2® Software can be used as a data source for your GIS System.
See more information for GIS Link with XC2® Software

XC2® Software, LLC is dedicated to providing high quality, complete solutions, well matched to the target customer. Every product reflects a commitment to quality and value. This is our way of doing business.

H2OBenchMark™ Work Order & Inventory Control Software Work Order Administration Software. Operators and administers use the program to enter and assign work requests and then completion data. The optional Inventory Control component has seamless inventory integration and restocking functions.

Managers and supervisors use maintenance activity, benchmark and inventory summary reports to stay fully informed about the performance of their operation. Keep thorough tracking of customer complaints, service orders, maintenance tasks, projects, personnel, equipment used.

Personnel Time Sheet option available.

● Work Orders/Inventory Control
● Customer Complaints/Service Orders
● Personnel Time Sheets
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